Fun Date Ideas

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  • MoonPrincesa96 ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Davenport, FL )

    I'm not a fan of mexican food, But I'm always down to try new things.

  • killercurves92 ( 25, Female / sugar baby / Barryville, NY )

    How about we take a cooking class, followed by a wine tasting and a long walk to get to know each other better.

  • amberstar73 ( 39, Female / sugar baby / Mandeville, LA )


  • sugar_Shannon ( 24, Female / sugar baby / San Francisco, CA )

    Cooking dinner together. While drinking chardonnay? ;)

  • Suuuzy ( 23, Female / sugar baby / Praha, Hlavni Mesto )

    Love exploring different cuisines like me? Let's take the risk and try something new and unique!

  • ScotchMcFinn ( 36, Male / sugar daddy / Toronto, ON )

    Anyting around AMC and Eaton Center area thats fun

  • OldSoul1992 ( 25, Female / sugar baby / Calgary, AB )

    walk along the river

  • BiancaBaby852 ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Greeley, CO )

    Let's bake cookies or make dinner together, even if we just make a frozen pizza and watched a movie it would be so fun!

  • LadyFreakNew2 ( 24, Female / sugar baby / Los Angeles, CA )

    There are so many amazing restaurants to try! I love trying new things and would love for a man to take me out on some adventurous driving, dinning...maybe a walk along the beach or someplace to gawk at splendors!

  • SkyRhi ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Boston, MA )

    I think a good conversation is the start to a good first date. In my opinion, the best environment for this is a dinner, cafe or lunch meet up.

  • Daddysgirl51 ( 51, Female / sugar baby / Deer Park, WA )

    One day I receive a single red rose with an unsigned note that says, "Meet me at our hotel lounge at the pre-designated time and wear your prettiest dress". I don't wonder who it could possibly be from because...  read more >>

  • HotStud4UNow ( 45, Male / sugar daddy / Hutchinson, MN )

    We will get on my Lear jet and fly to Italy for the best authentic Italian food in the world then go sightseeing and shopping...

  • Lillybelle91 ( 26, Female / sugar baby / Cambridge, England - Cambridgeshire )

    Lets do something adventurous !

  • SweetSub_Baby ( 22, Female / sugar baby / Doreen, Victoria )

    How about you follow me in a car as I'm walking down the road, and from out of nowhere, cup my mouth so I can't scream and throw me in the back seat and quickly restrain and gag me. Then you take me to a secluded space...  read more >>

  • Palmerjack27 ( 28, Male / sugar daddy / Boston, MA )

    Candlelit dinner cooked by yours truly followed by a few drinks and a lovely evening of conversation

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