First Date Ideas

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  • nadi_xx ( 24, Female / sugar baby / Melbourne, Victoria )

    A candlelit dinner at a well renowned restaurant (decent serving size/good quality meal).

  • Daddysgirl51 ( 51, Female / sugar baby / Deer Park, WA )

    One day I receive a single red rose with an unsigned note that says, "Meet me at our hotel lounge at the pre-designated time and wear your prettiest dress". I don't wonder who it could possibly be from because...  read more >>

  • HotStud4UNow ( 45, Male / sugar daddy / Hutchinson, MN )

    We will get on my Lear jet and fly to Italy for the best authentic Italian food in the world then go sightseeing and shopping...

  • Lillybelle91 ( 26, Female / sugar baby / Cambridge, England - Cambridgeshire )

    Lets do something adventurous !

  • SweetSub_Baby ( 22, Female / sugar baby / Doreen, Victoria )

    How about you follow me in a car as I'm walking down the road, and from out of nowhere, cup my mouth so I can't scream and throw me in the back seat and quickly restrain and gag me. Then you take me to a secluded space...  read more >>

  • Palmerjack27 ( 28, Male / sugar daddy / Boston, MA )

    Candlelit dinner cooked by yours truly followed by a few drinks and a lovely evening of conversation

  • 40baby ( 33, Female / sugar baby / Dalton, GA )

    Nice dinner and conversation. Learn about each other. Needs and wants. Deal breakers, mine and yours.

  • aussieborn ( 69, Male / sugar daddy / Moss Beach, CA )

    Sharing a meal at a high end resultant for lunch or dinner.

  • johnnycache ( 71, Male / sugar daddy / Titusville, FL )

    chef prepared meal in cozy intimate setting, chance to talk look for a little bit of magic

  • PinkLotus1988 ( 29, Female / sugar baby / Carlton North, Victoria )

    There are so many great places to choose from, I like it when someone knows what they want for dinner, finds a nice place and sorts it out. Then after a lovely dinner chatting and then going for a nice walk is always fun...  read more >>

  • babygirlpuppy ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Truckee, CA )

    I'm not picky

  • Mygirlsydney1 ( 64, Female / sugar baby / Camino, CA )

    Imagine an exquisite dining table Michelin rated restaurant and the entire culinary team members(head chef, master chef, demi chef, sous chef, pastry chef and sommelier) are all award winning experts preparing the finest...  read more >>

  • Amelia5 ( 33, Female / sugar baby / Columbus, OH )

    On first dates I love to either suggest my favorite restaurant or they suggest theirs. I love discovering new places...especially when it comes to food lol

  • LeahBaby37 ( 23, Female / sugar baby / Louisville, KY )

    Can't go wrong with food!

  • QueenMel25 ( 25, Female / sugar baby / Columbus, GA )

    I love to cook & learn about different foods! I food tour is perfect.

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