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  • irishbabe88 ( 29, Female / sugar baby / Staten Island, NY )

    I love surprises but I always thought it would be nice to go out in a boat in Central Park and enjoy a peaceful picnic after.

  • coruscant ( 22, Female / sugar baby / Smithfield, VA )

    Let's go do something. I want unexpected, I want you.

  • Trishat ( 32, Female / sugar baby / Bridgetown, Christ Church )

    have a nice romantic dinner and watch movies and than get naked

  • susannemoss ( 27, Female / sugar baby / London, England - London )

    A bar/restaurant/club, we get to know each other and then you take me back to a very nice hotel. It would be funny if you are into

  • BiNessa ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Los Angeles, CA )

    A picnic, a boat ride, a backseat movie car date or flying over the ocean while we toast to greatness.

  • Cardi_T ( 26, Female / sugar baby / Adelaide, South Australia )

    Jet skis, go karts

  • TipTipH ( 24, Female / sugar baby / Birmingham, AL )

    The day can start of by having a couples spa day. Following the spa we go to a new restaurant with great drinks to start. Shop for an outfit of the day. Then we experience a sporting event, comedy show, movies, Dave and...  read more >>

  • Susan_Baby ( 22, Female / sugar baby / Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal )

    Me gustaría salir a comer y conversar un poco. Ver una película, después quizá ir por una copa y bailar.

  • MimiGolately ( 22, Female / sugar baby / Pretoria, Gauteng )

    Spontaneous, incredibly fun. If I laugh a lot, have really good and drink, can look cute and have a great conversation, it'll the best date of my life.

  • Gaviota91 ( 27, Female / sugar baby / Queenstown, Eastern Cape )

    My travel bucket list makes no sense, Im an extremist you could say.. I would have to see the beauty of Paris and Dubai or Brazil.. But will have to experience places like Giza, Egypt (The Pyramids), Beijin, China (Great...  read more >>

  • Hunter87 ( 31, Female / sugar baby / Brisbane, Queensland )

    Mini golf, dinner cruises ..

  • Kenyaakt ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Welwyn, England - Hertfordshire )

    Something different, not a standard dinner or lunch date.

  • MnMCandie ( 31, Female / sugar baby / Worcester, MA )

    I like to try new things and I like spontaneity. So a first date that will make me want a second date...

  • need2bloved ( 57, Male / sugar daddy / Douglassville, PA )

    meet up for coffee or a meal and maybe take in a movie

  • WonderBunny ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Chambersburg, PA )

    We can go to an amusement park. The long lines mean more time to get to know each other and talk.

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