Fun Date Ideas

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  • Evaadore ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Montclair, NJ )

    My ideal dates are really strictly to spend time with getting to know the person and having a nice time in return for cash.

  • Tinkerbellx ( 26, Female / sugar baby / Bradford, England - West Yorkshire )

    Cocktails or spa or something fun to break the ice or the theatre

  • MORENO34 ( 34, Male / sugar daddy / BRISBANE CITY, Queensland )

    Usually, I prefer Drink some Thing and talk.

  • mkxoxo ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Newark, DE )

    Why not kill two birds with one stone?

  • HotMama21 ( 23, Female / sugar baby / Batavia, NY )

    I'm a gettem' done kind of gal. So, if were going on a date, that means one of us has a car right? Let's get things done!

  • cassielynn89 ( 28, Female / sugar baby / Midland City, AL )

    I actually love errand dating and surprised it's a category! Pick me up and let's ride around and get stuff done! Yes! And get to know each other, ofcourse. Lol.

  • babykatie23 ( 22, Female / sugar baby / Minneapolis, MN )

    Picking errand dating may seem silly, but I feel you can get a better idea of who you date really is.

  • Sweetpri ( 31, Female / sugar baby / Ypsilanti, MI )

    I love to enjoy intimate scene but. A date is a date! Take me anywhere!!

  • Butterflybaby1 ( 23, Female / sugar baby / Pasadena, TX )

    My first date ideas really doesn't matter that would be your choice

  • Asiankitten ( 30, Female / sugar baby / New York, NY )

    Go to a favorite restaurant of yours, check out a new one together, grab a drink at a cozy lounge :)

  • PrincessTiny ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Dallas, TX )

    Most important.. Manners and respect :) i love attention and having special surprises planned for me on dates. Im a fan of dinner dates, park dates, movie dates and shopping. But it's nice to see what creative dates my p...  read more >>

  • CutiePatootie2 ( 23, Female / sugar baby / Hanover Park, IL )

    A date is what u make it. Im into anything intertaining. Everything is fun.

  • ChelseyDawn ( 37, Female / sugar baby / Ocala, FL )

    I wouldn't mind going out with you to rub errands and seeing what you do during the day, or you could help me run errands and we can get things done together.

  • gypsysoul94 ( 23, Female / sugar baby / Bixby, OK )

    Dinner, movie, miniature golf, out for drinks, almost anything.

  • Redangel18 ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Oconomowoc, WI )

    I'm not really sure what I'm comfortable with yet but I'm an open person so I'm willing to explore

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