First Date Ideas

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  • Potion ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Cape Town, Western Cape )

    I would love, live msuice, dinner, movie, dancing, hiking or participating in sports as a first date

  • 22CynthiaC ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Adelaide, South Australia )

    Best first date idea to me: Dinner and a classical music concert! Desert after? Why not?!

  • sugada4u2 ( 60, Male / sugar daddy / Nashville, TN )

    Iwe will enjoy fine dining and slow easy conversation followed by whatever we decide would be enjoyable, like live music at the Nashville Winery. .

  • brigitte93 ( 24, Female / sugar baby / Henderson, NV )

    Love grabbing drinks over live music. Love it casual and fun.

  • jprescott ( 28, Male / sugar daddy / San Diego, CA )

    Attending a concert with the best seats.

  • SweetCocoaBaby ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Buffalo, NY )

    I absolutely love music. Anything music related is what I would love; festivals, concerts, open mics.

  • fritz1401 ( 79, Male / sugar daddy / Carmen, ID )

    Attend a live performance, preferably Classical music of one sort or another, followed by a fine dinner at a local restaurant, et cetera.

  • LittleFireball ( 36, Female / sugar baby / Manteca, CA )

    I would love to just be surprised. I like a man to pay attention to what I like and take the initiative. this way you can NEVER go wrong,

  • aivilo ( 19, Female / sugar baby / melbourne, Victoria )

    I more of an extroverted girl, so live music is the way to please me!! this can be just in the park or in a proper concert hall, honestly just so open

  • EclecticEbony ( 21, Female / sugar baby / New York, NY )

    My first date idea would be dinner, a show, the museum, rock climbing , dancing, or anything we'd both enjoy.

  • princessgianna ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Sterling, VA )

    I'm a bit of a music nerd, and I like almost every genre, although R&B will always be my favorite. I love live music of any kind, and I would love to experience a concert with a man who appreciates music the way I do.

  • gurl98 ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Barrie, ON )

    i love music so anything to do with music or art im creative so i need my flow to go

  • jeb123 ( 42, Male / sugar daddy / Bury, England - Greater Manchester )

    wining and dining.....good decor, good mood, great food! Theatre/movies Love to travel

  • NatalyaStar ( 26, Female / sugar baby / Washington, DC )

    Live punk music and bourbon tasting

  • VolleyMonti ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Buffalo, NY )

    There is little that can compare to hearing beautifully played music live, having someone there with you makes it even better

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