First Date Ideas

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  • ItaVita ( 22, Female / sugar baby / New York, NY )

    Getting lost at the Met or at a bookstore.

  • Ravenneko ( 20, Female / sugar baby / San Antonio, TX )

    I haven't been to any museums since I've moved here and would love to go.

  • lollipopprincess ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Perth Area, Western Australia )

    I'm very into history and culture so my first date idea is to go to a museum and view the exceptional exhibits on display. Followed by either a light lunch or classy dinner at a place of your choosing.

  • Hedgiemas ( 22, Female / sugar baby / Sandy, UT )

    I'm honestly up for just about anything, but going to a gallery of some sort would give us a chance to talk more properly than if we went to the movies or to go eat.

  • Galway_Girl5 ( 22, Female / sugar baby / Antelope, CA )

    I really love museums and it is my ultimate career goal to be able to work in them. Would love to become more knowledgeable and get a little company out of it while we are at it. Just stroll a gallery or something of the...  read more >>

  • axj4821 ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Riverton, UT )

    Pretty much anything can be a date but I prefer movies, museums, and anything outside.

  • lanaxwyatt ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Philadelphia, PA )

    I'd enjoy a nice lunch and then a trip through an interesting museum. I love history and medical museums.

  • kdc2017 ( 48, Female / sugar baby / Ulster Park, NY )

    Museums and Art exhibitions are good ice breakers. I'm a design enthusiast and studied art at Parsons back in the day - it's a comfortable arena.

  • Likeair ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Benton, AR )

    We'll go to a gallery. I will be drinking either white wine or a gin and tonic. We will spend the whole time making up stories about each of the pieces for the sole purpose of making each other laugh. And I will probably...  read more >>

  • donxelle ( 24, Female / sugar baby / Stone Mountain, GA )

    movies, dinner, a walk in a park, or something spontaneous

  • sweetcris16 ( 25, Female / sugar baby / Pasadena, TX )

    How about a roof top dinner with a view to the city.

  • Brexo__ ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Denver, CO )

    enjoying some art, maybe have a picnic, and then you can let me please you however you'd like.✨

  • Artasia ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Hattiesburg, MS )

    Attending an art gallery then dinner downtown sounds like a nice first date!

  • alexiajossette ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Tyler, TX )

    love walking around art galleries, honestly would be the perf date with me

  • elliemaybell ( 25, Female / sugar baby / Sydney, New South Wales )

    I'd like to get to know someone in a setting that is inspiring, beautiful artwork on a nice sunny day!

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