Fun Date Ideas

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  • Tila69 ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Athens, OH )

    I love puppies, so anywhere playing with puppies, im always down :)

  • rosebud125 ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Monterey, CA )

    I have a sweet little rescue dog so it would be great to be able to bring her along for something!

  • jaylamj ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Cincinnati, OH )

    Getting to know more about eachother, maybe a simple date such as going to a little dinner or maybe for some yogurt.

  • ChantelAlex ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Washington, DC )

    just hanging out while volunteering at a shelter.

  • Grantmekisses ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Vero Beach, FL )

    A date exploring an aquarium would be wonderful to me. Maybe we could get dinner afterward if everything went well.

  • suzycs ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Kansas City, KS )

    My first date could go like this or not, but i would love it if my first date would take me to aa pet store and just play with the puppies or just buy me one. im not sure.

  • Omummi ( 18, Female / sugar baby / United Kingdom )

    I love pets so much

  • LittleSpace00 ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Tienen, Brabant )

    If you take me to the zoo, I guarantee you will that I will melt.

  • ShaynaReese ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Buffalo Grove, IL )

    I would love to play w puppies at the pet store

  • AuroraParis ( 22, Female / sugar baby / Boone, NC )

    Do you have a dog? A ferret? A pet rock? I love all animals and I would love to meet them! I would absolutely enjoy to take your dog for a walk in a beautiful place and talk then go for dinner, go to a zoo or aquarium, o...  read more >>

  • KatieB01 ( 19, Female / sugar baby / sunbury, Victoria )

    i love horses, so a trail ride or ride on the beach is amazing!

  • jacirutledge94 ( 23, Female / sugar baby / New Britain, CT )

    I would love to take a trail ride. Either by ourselves or with a guide. Don't worry I wont let you fall :]

  • RachFromIowa ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Altoona, IA )

    I think a really cool first date idea would be to meet up and go to a dog park, If you have a dog, our dogs can meet, and if not, we can just enjoy watching the dogs play. We can talk, learn more about each other in a pu...  read more >>

  • Nysea63 ( 25, Female / sugar baby / Riverside, CA )

    Head to a farm and feed animals

  • Fearlessfreedom ( 21, Female / sugar baby / melbourne, Victoria )

    If we can go on a doggie date or visit the dog shelters to play with the rescue dogs there! Or anything involving food and I'm a happy girl

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