First Date Ideas

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  • emianthea627 ( 27, Female / sugar baby / Oaxaca, Oaxaca )

    I would love to spend a day to get to know you by walking around and spending time together to see eachothers likes and dislikes for future adventures.

  • shanig93 ( 24, Female / sugar baby / Melbourne, Victoria )

    I like surprises and new experiences so if its out of the ordinary then I'll probably enjoy it!

  • Bradinflorida ( 41, Male / sugar daddy / Vero Beach, FL )

    Shopping with my princess.

  • misspotter ( 32, Female / sugar baby / Roseburg, OR )

    I love being active and being outside. I don't just take off into the woods by myself because I'm a chicken. I've watched one too many horror movies. My sense of direction isn't so great either. Nothing turns me on more...  read more >>

  • yeaoki ( 28, Male / sugar daddy / deAdelai, South Australia )

    Coffee.. walking etc

  • Cameronstarr ( 26, Female / sugar baby / Mandurah, Western Australia )

    I love out of the box date ideas. Things you wouldn't usually do such as going to a shooting range, rock climbing, a day out on a boat, comedy shows etc. Wouldn't mind just going shopping either ;)

  • LaDanseuse ( 23, Female / sugar baby / Sydney, New South Wales )

    Something low key, but preferably outdoors. The beach, a cafe, a walk/hike, but a lecture or sports events would really give us something to discuss.

  • jp0428 ( 35, Female / sugar baby / Phoenix, AZ )

    Rock climbing :)

  • crybabyxo16 ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Vermilion, OH )

    Honestly, anywhere that we can talk and vibe. I need to get to know you.

  • whirlycurly ( 23, Female / sugar baby / Melbourne, Victoria )

    Let's meet for coffee or brunch, go ice-skating, indoor rock climbing or swimming.

  • ArtsyPie ( 24, Female / sugar baby / Hobart, Tasmania )

    Just something simple and easy to start off with. Maybe lunch at a cafe, followed by a movie/walk at the park/window shopping/drives to nowhere in particular, or all of the above!

  • BellaRaeBae ( 33, Female / sugar baby / Portland, OR )

    I enjoy being spontaneous but also don't mind having a solid plan. Rollerblading? a Movie? Drinks? I'm light hearted and enjoy a wide range of activities. Let's grab a bite, go for a walk in nature or go browse a book st...  read more >>

  • RubyNZ ( 23, Female / sugar baby / CBD, Auckland )

    Coffee out someplace; a pub dinner; a walk; a movie.

  • perlagabriela ( 19, Female / sugar baby / San Diego, CA )

    I love trying new things. Mostly love going to the beach or anywhere peaceful to just talk and learn about each other. I love to laugh and I love to be happy or create memories

  • classygal101 ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Whangarei, Northland )

    Go get food, go to the beach, walk, talk, sunset.

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