Fun Date Ideas

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  • ersnowa ( 18, Male / sugar daddy / Auckland, Auckland )

    A fun date idea would be us cuddled up in multiple blankets, gazing st the stars and into each other’s eyes

  • sweetpea131 ( 45, Female / sugar baby / oxley, Queensland )

    My date would be , a nice dinner and glass of wine as we talked

  • Paisley101 ( 22, Female / sugar baby / Harrisonburg, VA )

    i think you get the idea

  • AlyaNour ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Manchester, England - Greater Manchester )

    somewhere fun with good food and sights

  • AlexAdultman ( 35, Male / sugar daddy / Indianapolis, IN )

    Take your pick from nature adventure, drinks, fine or less-fine dining, concert, movie, museum, yoga, sporting event.. I'm open to suggestions and more than willing to be decisive if you'd rather be surprised.

  • Sheisamir ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Chicago, IL )

    Comfortable seating, low dimly lit lighting, live slow music playing in the background. Attire would be formal. Secluded away from the crowd so we can focus on just us two. Steak. Wine. Topping the night off with convers...  read more >>

  • ashhendrix ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Madison Heights, MI )

    Dinner and drinks, movies, bowling, anything that sounds fun!

  • JCofGC ( 42, Male / sugar daddy / Burleigh, Queensland )

    Putt Putt, I will probably let you win,,, or Dinner, show and desert (YOU),,,,,,,,, or Dinner, walk along the beach, desert! A thousand ideas, just to be tailored to the right woman!?!?

  • SJayde ( 29, Female / sugar baby / Gold Coast, Queensland )

    Surprise me with your creativity & show ur genuinely interested. Let's have some random fun, take me on a date that showcases your finest personality traits. Make me want to stand by your side and no one else's.

  • abstractflora ( 22, Female / sugar baby / Miami, FL )

    I'm not a fan of dinner-and-a-movie dates, but any other event where we can talk, get to know each other, and have fun I'm DOWN.

  • RaeaBabe ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Absarokee, MT )

    The conversation is what actually matters.

  • Andie_Jewel ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Johannesburg, Gauteng )

    Something like going to a fair or chilling and chatting.

  • seekingfun56 ( 56, Male / sugar daddy / Odessa, TX )

    any thing

  • gipsyspace ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro )

    a good meeting can be the edge of the sea, or a good party, a good company always makes the date

  • Ellie89 ( 28, Female / sugar baby / Atlanta, GA )

    Let's have dinner somewhere interesting and then go see an AAHL hockey game or some other lowkey sporting event. If you're not interested in sports, I would love to see a play, attend a lesson, or go to a museum. I'm not...  read more >>

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